There has been massive growth in the United States, the implementations of fiscal and monetary policy over the years, and more importantly the recent volatility in the stock market for the 1st Quarter of 2018 (now 2nd Quarter), has caused many to speculate whether or not we are finally at the peak of the business cycle. The business cycle are periods of economic growth and contraction.

So this is a vital factor on making informed decisions to determine whether you'll get top dollar for selling a house or to get the best deal on buying a house. Following a decade since the Great Recession and since the economy appears strong, my recommendation is to sell now because there’s low inventory and house prices are high. It’s also good to buy right now because mortgage interest rates are still historically low.



Many are wondering what the housing market will entail this year and it should continue going strong so long as unemployment, inflation and the federal funds rate remains low. Home prices should go up in value more modestly in 2018 by going up from 2 to 5% (depending on the location). 


Luckily home buyers will continue to enjoy low mortgage interest rates as it's estimated they will reach no more than 5% by the end of 2018. Therefore, a win win for home buyers and sellers. Subscribe to my newsletter by going to and scroll to the bottom of the page then click the subscribe button. email: cell: 424-253-4096 or 714-371-3692